• Pastor Dan Anderson


Our CEO got on site at HG today with the representatives from the fire department and the logistics captain of the LAFD said, “this must be the hand of God.”

When the families evacuated at 4:15 am on Tuesday morning guests our residents were saying they couldn’t see 5 feet in front of them through the smoke and they visually saw the flames around the street and approaching the property.

The entire perimeter on three sides of Hope Gardens Family Center were burned to within 10 yards of our buildings.

But today when we entered the property for the first time all buildings are in tact... nothing was burned but a bridge. “This must be the hand of God”... did our collective prayers move God to put a garrison of Angels around the perimeter any ward off the fire and flames... did God redirect the wind at the final moment? We don’t know exactly how God did this miracle but it has all the evidence of the divine!

And here’s more good news... because all the surrounding land around Hope Gardens has completely burned they are allowing us to return the residents and guests because the fire will not be able to get to us!!!

More good news... we received enough support from all of you to cover the entire cost of the additional expenses plus have enough left over to sponsor an In’n out truck come on site tomorrow for a return celebration of God’s protection and provision!

Thank you so very much. What a wonderful outcome for a horrible situation... so much unity in the community has transpired as a result of so much love shown in deeds and in truth!

Listen to Jaden's Prayer after we told the HG residents the good news :)

–Pastor Dan

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