• Pastor Dan Anderson


What are some concrete ways to demonstrate to a broken person, who has lived in an environment of violence and abuse, that they are truly a beautiful creation?

This is what the 250 ladies and children at Hope Gardens Family Center desperately need and Deed & Truth has a plan.

Sometimes words aren’t enough and you have to demonstrate love externally before hurting people grasp it internally.

Deed & Truth wants to tell the women and children at Hope Gardens that they are beautifully and wonderfully made by a loving creator. We are doing a Beautification Project to improve the living environment in 2018.

First up: Renovations in the Common areas... we are renewing, refreshing, and restoring the environment... this will be a living example of what God wants is doing in their personal lives as well!

Hope Gardens is in great need of renovations. We are starting with the cafeteria and entry way to the facility. The families utilize this area many times every day. It is the focal point of the entire center.

We will also rejuvenate the area the staff uses for meetings and breaks for their own refreshing during the day.

We are reflooring, repainting, and refreshing the walls and furniture.

We are underway but we need your help. God has inspired a donor who is willing to match any and all financial gifts up to $30,000 to make this a re-newing a re-ality! Will you partner with us to bring these areas to life?

We are praying that these “before” pictures will serve as a stark testimony to the glory of God... just like their lives before being renewed in Christ!

–Pastor Dan

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