• Pastor Dan Anderson

Coming Alongside

The staff at Hope Gardens are dedicated workers who work in a high-intensity, high-stress environment. They need a place to get away during the work day for breaks, lunch, and comfortable meeting space. Check out what Deed and Truth has done to meet these very important needs for the staff. Deed and Truth stepped up to renovate a dilapidated space to create a space to serve as a lunchroom, break area, and meeting space. This is now providing an environment for relaxation, fellowship, more effective meetings, and a morale boost for well-deserving servants to our families in crisis transition.

Thank you for your financial support that made this project possible. In the coming weeks we will keep you posted on our progress of your donations at work as we move forward in our BEATIFICATION MINISTRY to bring transformation to the physical space where God wants to do the work of Spiritual Transformation in the hearts of these very special, precious ladies and children who call Hope Gardens their temporary home.

Check out these "before and after” sequence of photos below as we give God glory for what he is doing in and through you...



–Pastor Dan

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