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USC is known for it’s academic excellence in higher education. This week read about a couple of URM homeless men who schooled the USC students and professors on their own campus! A church in Detroit has planted a church on the campus of USC to reach the University community for Christ. They actually meet in one of the campus halls. I have been developing a relationship with the pastor as they have been holding ongoing clothing drives throughout the school year. Their goal is to provide 200 bags of clothes for those experiencing homelessness on skid row.

We were given a unique opportunity this month to hold a special meeting to talk about homelessness. I shared for a brief while then handed the meeting off to two of our Ambassadors of the mission… Phillip and Seth. They both did a wonderful job of sharing their story of redemption to the students as well as a professor who came to listen.

Phillip was over the top with joy. You see, Phillip never went to school past his eighth birthday. He was abandoned by his family and grew up on the streets and eventually spent 28 years in the prison system. He has a tutor at the URM and is working on his reading comprehension.

For Phillip, to be on a University campus was a thrill… but to be the guest speaker at USC was a experience beyond his wildest imaginations. God has transformed his life and now he has a story to tell that needs to be heard… and Phillip, as well as Seth, are always eager and willing to share what God has done to the least of these or those who have the privilege of attending a prestigious University.

For one day, Phillip was the teacher… a man who never finished elementary school… was teaching University students and one of their professors… and by the way something you should find fascinating… they were taking notes!

Phillip wanted me to take some pictures to memorialize his visit. See the satisfaction in his eyes and notice how important it was for him to hold his bible the entire time… to give God the glory for what he was done… the miracle of taking an uneducated street kid and making him a University Instructor, albeit for just one day… but that one day is really a lifelong memory he will always treasure.

–Pastor Dan

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