• Pastor Dan Anderson

Going the Extra Mile

Jesus inspires us to “go the extra mile” to be a light in a dark world. It was an example to the first century followers about making the extra effort to prove their love and sincerity in the Roman world. Let me tell you about a unique way you can LITERALLY go the extra mile to promote the care of those experiencing homelessness.

The Union Rescue Mission is sponsoring the first 5K Walk to Fight Homelessness in Los Angeles.

Homelessness is devastating communities nationwide, but nowhere more than in Los Angeles. We now have more than 58,000 men, women, and children living on Skid Row and throughout Los Angeles County each day. For more than 126 years, Union Rescue Mission has provided safe shelter, meals, long-term rehabilitation programs, education, counseling, medical services, and encouragement to help our neighbors escape homelessness forever. But with the skyrocketing increase in women and children on the streets, we need your help!

This is your opportunity to turn your compassion into action. We would like to invite you to join us for our inaugural 5k Walk to Fight Homelessness.

Deed and Truth will be hosting a team on Saturday, June 2nd for the 5K Walk starting at the Staples Center @ L.A. Live to the URM in Skid Row and back.

Registration is free and any proceeds from the walk will go toward the continuation of our life-saving programs and services to help those experiencing homelessness find their way home.

JOIN OUR TEAM: Register Now!

If you can't join our team by walking, please consider sponsoring our team by donating.

– Pastor Dan

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