• Pastor Dan Anderson


I was invited to speak at chapel at a large Christian school. The student were coming to the mission the next day. It was to be one of the largest groups ever to visit and serve at the mission. They listened respectfully but then something happened that turned a corner… and won their hearts not just their minds. I spoke for awhile and it was going so-so. But what I did next won their hearts. I then brought to the stage two of the graduates from the URM to act as Ambassadors. They shared their stories. They were extremely vulnerable. They were clearly humble and full of joy and gratitude.

Phillip spoke of his lonely childhood after being abandoned and left to the streets. He spoke with admiration of the students who had the privilege to attend school at all much less such a wonderful place as this Christian School.

Leonard was overwhelmed by the grace of God who had to work through being bullied as a disabled child and how that affected him throughout his life. He thanked the administration and God for the opportunity to share his story of redemption with these students. He was overwhelmed how God put him, a black man, in a position to be speaking to mostly white students. He spoke of racial tension and his own apprehension. It was so raw, so real, so moving, so awesome to see God melt and unite the students.

Afterward dozens of students came up to both men and wanted more… they stood around them and listened to them and asked questions instead of going to lunch.

When we got in the car to go home both men were astounded at what had just happened. They were blessed so much by being God’s Ambassadors to reach out to these students. It was the highlight of their week. Leonard especially was touched. He is a recent graduate and has become my new assistant to help me with my URM ministries. He is so excited about this new chapter in his life to SERVE GOD by serving others.

Please pray for their ministry to these students… that is wasn’t just a day but a lifestyle that they have impacted for many of these students.

– Pastor Dan

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