• Pastor Dan Anderson


One important ingredient for successful living and healthy recovery is that of being a part of a community. At Hope Gardens we have a space in each of our three housing facilities that was originally designed for common area but they haven’t been utilized… until now… Check out what Deed and Truth has done to renovate this space for community building!

Although Hope Gardens has 77 acres of beautiful surroundings there has only been a limited amount of space for community life. As a matter of fact, outside of the cafeteria there was no community space to facilitate building relationships and for families to hang out together outside their personal rooms.

Deed and Truth is committed to Community Building. We believe that the opposite of Addiction is NOT Sobriety… but Connectedness. When people have a lack of connectedness, a lack of healthy, functional relationships, they tend toward developing a connection with a substance and this becomes a very destructive relationship that isolates people into deeper problems.

Thanks to you and Deed and Truth, Hope Gardens now has three functioning lounges, one at each of the three housing complexes… complete with computer access, a community TV, tables for homework-writing-art projects, and comfortable new seating areas to relax and socialize. We’ve put removed the old filthy carpets with new, easier to maintain flooring and improved the lighting.

The guests are so grateful to have a place to hang out… their very own community family rooms!

Check out some of the before and after photos to see what a difference you are making through Deed and Truth!



– Pastor Dan

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