• Pastor Dan Anderson

Summertime Hang Time

Summertime is almost here and Hope Gardens has a lot of open outside grounds. What it doesn’t have is a way to utilize it for hanging out together as families and a community.

Deed and Truth has provided some helpful equipment to prepare for summer…

Leave it to Costco to offer options for sturdy yet inexpensive outdoor picnic tables, benches, and industrial trash containers.

Deed and Truth has provided all of the above and spread them out throughout the property to enable families to have picnics outside and to have places to sit and watch the children play.

We believe this is going to make a big difference for families to feel less like they live in an institution and more like they are doing normal things that other families enjoy doing during the summer months.

Thanks for helping our guests feel “normal” even in the midst of living in a transitional facility.

– Pastor Dan

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