• Pastor Dan Anderson

Attitude of Gratitude

Many find Spiritual transformation at the mission. It’s a beautiful thing. But eventually it’s time for a physical transition back into more independent living and that can be difficult and generate fear.

James graduated the program and spent a second year serving at the mission as an apprentice. James has experienced spiritual transformation. He’s a new man.

Now the time had come for the new man to find a new residence outside the safety net of the mission. It is physically difficult to find and emotionally difficult as well.

James couldn’t find affordable housing but eventually his niece who was struggling financially invited him to move in. When James arrived he started to notice delinquent bill notices from the utility companies.

Deed and Truth has a ministry called the Iron Man Scholarship Fund which I like to call the Jerry Jenkins Memorial Fund in honor of our dear friend who helped get it started.

We give the men who transition a check to help them with their initial bills for moving into a new place. James used his check to pay off his nieces delinquent utility bills so the power would not be shut off and is now helping her with those bills monthly.

James now works for the mission in our volunteer department. He walked into my office the other day with an attitude of gratitude to tell me how Deed and Truth saved the day through our transition scholarship fund.

Thank you for giving and please continue to do so as there are many more men like James needing help to move into this next phase of transformative living.

If you can’t donate please pray for them to overcome fear and maintain a Christian community around them to maintain their sobriety and make a difference in the world for Christ.

Here's a word from James:

–Pastor Dan

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