• Pastor Dan Anderson

Holiday with Family

Holidays are times for families to gather... but what if you’re homeless and disconnected from your family?

That’s what Deed and Truth stepped into this week.

The 4th of July is perfect for families to hold barbecues, picnics, and to take in a fireworks show.

But when you live at the mission those are not options you have so Deed and Truth jumped in to create a Freedom Day Safe and Sober Celebration on the roof.

In our commitment to create family community for those experiencing homelessness we hosted an event for the entire building. We had party hats, hot dog on the grill, and ice cream served with a smile.

Once the sun went down the firework displays could be seen for miles. There must have been over 100 of them over the entire landscape.

I went down to the 2nd floor and made a special invitation to escort the women up to the roof. They were all excited. After the elevator opened to the roof one older lady saw the scene and told me with excitement in her voice, “I’ve stayed here for a long time and this is the first time I’ve been invited to go in the roof. This is so special. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Healing and transformation is not possible without a loving community to serve and support. Thank you for financially supporting Deed and Truth so we can provide a friendly community to aid these hurting and lonely people who so desperately need to sense being a part of a loving family!

–Pastor Dan

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