• Pastor Dan Anderson


One critical need for a person to break the chains of poverty is to find employment. See what Deed and Truth is doing to help facilitate getting people to work!

The Union Rescue Mission has an employment department as part of our wholistic approach to overcoming homelessness. They help connect people with companies looking to hire and a lot of the practical steps along the way to employment. However, there is one very important link those experiencing homelessness need in order to Get to Work… Transportation!

Deed and Truth wants to assist those unemployed who are seeking work. They need bus transportation to and from job interviews. Therefore we are providing the Employment Department with BUS TOKENS to be given for public transportation. Then, once a person gets hired, we want to make sure they get to work on time and have the transportation funds necessary while they are getting back on their feet. Until they get their first paychecks we are also providing a ONE-MONTH BUS PASS.

Thank you for supporting this ministry financially as we are GETTING TO WORK getting people to work!

–Pastor Dan

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