• Pastor Dan Anderson

Thinking Biblically!

One of our highest values is to promote a biblical worldview and have a significant Spiritual Influence on the mission culture.

We are excited to tell you about a new ministry we are starting to accomplish this more effectively.

I have been teaching a basis Christianity class for the past two years at Hope Gardens to the women in the recovery program. It has been well received and highly successful introducing the women to Jesus and to a biblical worldview.

I have received permission to make it a requirement for every employee at the mission. This is a six-hour course. There are five outcomes we want to see:

  1. That every employee hears and understands the gospel. I am praying for the evangelism and discipleship opportunities this class will generate.

  2. That every employee has the tools needed to share the gospel with our many guests experiencing homelessness on a one on one basis.

  3. To affect the Spiritual Culture at the mission by keeping on tract in our Christian commitment by working in the power of the Spirit, not simply out of giftedness or the energies of the flesh.

  4. We believe in the principle that loving God more will cause us to love each other better. We pray that this will impact our ability to love our guests better and improve employee relations.

These classes will be presented in smaller groups by department. I completed the first class with the employees at Hope Gardens. When we finished the team asked if we could do follow up biblical material on a regular basis. We are strategizing for quarterly training for them. One of the staff members contacted Betty while she was at summer camp with our high school students. She was all excited to inform Betty that she was able to use the material from “Pastor Dan’s class” to share with the teenage girls.

Please pray for God to work in and through me to bring people to Christ and disciple the staff of over 200 men and women on the front lines serving those experiencing homelessness.

–Pastor Dan

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