• Pastor Dan Anderson


Last week we told you about an exciting new ministry called “The Essentials” class that we are now making mandatory for all URM employees. This week we have expanded it to every new “Seed” in the Men’s Recovery Program.

We have begun to teach “The Essentials” (of Christianity Worldview) to every new guy who enters the Christian Life Discipleship Program. We are already teaching this to all the women in the program at Hope Gardens. We now have expanded the ministry to influence the entire staff as well as both the women and men’s programs.

The Essentials consists of lessons from the old and new testaments beginning in Genesis. Lessons include: God’s Original Design for Living (How it’s suppose to work and we are suppose to function); The Devastating Fall (Something Went Terribly Wrong): It’s factors and Consequences; The Divine Rescue (How God Intends to Fix it); The New Purpose for Living: Loving God by Loving Others; God’s Plan for Our Eternal Future.

Continue to pray for God to use the biblical material and my teaching to expand influence into this new group of men who are experiencing homelessness but wanting change. May this begin their journey of transformation in a powerful way, may the truth set them free, and may many come to know Jesus in a real way.

These booklets and the materials for this ministry are going to be supplied through Deed and Truth. If you’d like to make an impact in this ministry your financial donations would be much appreciated.

–Pastor Dan

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