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Larry is a friend that I met on the streets who panhandles to pay his $65 monthly rent at the Rosslyn Hotel. He, and his dog rebel, can be found every afternoon on Spring Street rattling his cup and holding his US Vet sign.

In past blogs I’ve shared a little about Larry’s story. He now attends New City Church on a weekly basis. I shared at the church last month and sat with him, Larry (and Rebel), in the front row.

Two weeks ago I picked him up a fan for his room given he had no AC in the building. This week he informed me that his mother passed away unexpectedly two days before his birthday.

Larry got behind on his rent last month and had to pay a late-charge so being short on cash he sold his TV and stereo equipment to buy a Greyhound Bus Ticket to Texas so he can attend his mother’s funeral.

Larry hasn’t been home to see family for 24 years but he did Skype his mother the week before she died and they had a nice conversation.

I’d like to see Deed and Truth help Larry out by contributing to his bus ticket to honor his mother and would also like to get him a birthday present… a TV to replace the one he had to sell… and if we can raise an extra $65 it would be nice to get his August rent paid on time so he doesn’t have the pressure of coming up with the money given he’ll be gone to Texas for two of those weeks.

As Christians we are called to mourn with those who mourn and rejoice with those who rejoice… and sometimes we are called to do both at the same time. Please pray for Larry as he grieves the loss of his mother the same week as we try to celebrate his life on his birthday.

If you’d like to bless Larry (and his dog Rebel) with making his 60th birthday memorable and sharing the burden of the loss of his mother please send a donation and we’ll make sure he receives the help… and if you have a TV you want to give then that saves me a trip to Costco :)

–Pastor Dan

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