• Pastor Dan Anderson


What happens when someone dies on Skid Row?

This is a question the Skid Row Clergy Council began to ask. We aren’t really sure of the answer but it appears in most cases… Nothing!

Many times there are no relatives to hold a memorial service and give them a proper burial. Every person is made in the image of God and is loved by God regardless their status in life or their choices in life.

We have begun to hold prayer vigils or memorial services for everyone who dies on skid row. We rally the pastors in the area and go to the place on the street that was called “home” for the deceased and invite anybody from the street who may have known them. We are also joined by Skid Row Police Officer Deon Joseph.

We share a few thoughts from anyone who wants to participate along with a few chorus’ of Amazing Grace before we share a scripture or two and talk about how God is aware of the situation and that this person was not invisible to God.

We don’t presume to know definitively about their disposition toward God or their eternal destination but we do want to show respect for one of God’s creations that lived, and moved, and breathed, and died on the streets of skid row.

Here's a look at the flyer for a prayer vigil we did in July.

–Pastor Dan

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