• Pastor Dan Anderson

NOT ASHAMED (but a little afraid)!

Niguel is new at the Mission and attended the Deed and Truth trip to Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente for a Worship and Water Day at the Beach. Little did Niguel know how much water he would encounter!

Pastor Mark at PCC preached a gospel message and gave an invitation to receive Christ at the conclusion. Niguel made that decision in his seat.

Then the pastor mentioned that those who received Christ could come Wednesday night to be baptized as a statement that you are not ashamed of your relationship with Christ.

Niguel came up to me after the service and told me the news! I rejoiced with him just like they were doing in heaven over one sinner who repented. That made him smile.

Then he asked me if he could come on Wednesday night to get baptized. I told him “no”. This is 60 miles from the mission. However, if he really wanted to be baptized we could do it today in the Pacific Ocean right after the BBQ lunch.

Niguel was hesitant. I asked him why. Niguel said, “I’m not ashamed… just a little afraid.”

Now you need to know that Niguel is a healthy young man and has a physically fit frame all of 6’3” tall. Come to find out Niguel has never been in an ocean and that scared him just a little.

Then Niguel said, “but if you go in with me I really want to make this statement.” I told him he was on and I’d hold his hand :)

Sure enough Niguel’s testimony encouraged five others to join him in believer’s baptism at Doheny Beach that very afternoon.

(inspired by Niguel's testimony - five others were baptized as well)

Praise God for our partners in ministry at Pacific Coast Church… together we are seeing kingdom decisions and helping grow disciples of Christ.

–Pastor Dan

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