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You may remember the update on Larry I shared a few weeks ago.

Larry got back from his trip to his mother’s funeral where he saw family from all over the country that he hasn’t seen in over 40 years. After he shared with me about the trip I let him know that I have some friends who have been praying for him and wanted to help him in a practical way.

If you recall, Larry needed to buy a bus ticket to attend his mother’s funeral in Texas. He sold his TV but only got $30 for it. Here’s a cool thing that happened… His pastor at the church found out and the church paid the balance of the bus ticket!

When I talked to him on his return I informed him that I had three people who offered to replace his TV. Since he only needs one the other two weren’t needed but I wanted him to know that people care were proving it in tangible ways.

On top of that, through Deed and Truth, we raised some money for him to help with his bills. Since the church paid for his bus ticket here’s what we arranged moving forward with the donations:

Larry is going to become a volunteer at the church office during the week to clean the office space. In return, Deed and Truth is going to pay half his rent and take him grocery shopping once a month for the next year provided he continues to serve as a volunteer at the church.

This financial gesture on our part will enable Larry to invest his time more wisely volunteering instead of panhandling. Larry was very excited about this opportunity. Not only was he feeling relief that he didn’t have to spend so much time asking for handouts but also because he enjoys working.

He has not sought welfare as he thinks there are other people who need that money more than he does. He used to try to get whatever work he could in the toy district unloading trucks for cash but that opportunity dried up and he isn’t that employable in the open market given his health restrictions and head injuries he sustained in a bad accident.

Thank you to all those who responded to the need. Larry is appreciative and we are hoping it provides him more joy and purpose in life with a little less stress of trying to make ends meet.

And by the way… If you’d like to personally meet Larry and go grocery shopping with us let me know and he can meet some of new friends… and your heart will be touched in the process.

–Pastor Dan

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