• Pastor Dan Anderson


Scripture tells us that this planet is the backdrop for a Spiritual Battle. No where in the United States have I seen evidence of this fact than on Skid Row in Los Angeles. The carnage from this battle lines the streets with human suffering, godless injustice, moral debauchery, and levels of misery that should turn the stomach.

However, we are called, as children of the light, into the dark places on this earth. Where darkness is prevalent the light shines brightest. Homelessness is the number one problem in Los Angeles. It is the outcome of a Spiritual Battle between God and Satan, good and evil. We need to bring the good news of Jesus Christ into Skid Row and when we do the light always shines.

Paul instructs us of something important in Ephesians chapter six. When you are engaged in Spiritual Warfare you must wear the WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD. Would you pray for us this week as we can sense the darkness in our spirits and we encounter the enemy and his strategies. Sometimes it feels like Skid Row is the front line and the attack so strong it’s overwhelming. Yet that’s also a good place to be since whenever we feel overwhelmed we must rely on the one inside us who is greater than he that is in the world.

Pray for us, pray for yourself, and all those who understand that we are all Spiritual Soldiers engaged in the battle for the advancement of the kingdom of God anywhere on earth and that we might be encouraged and emboldened that the Gates of Hell can not stand against the cause of Christ and the Spirit of God.

We’d like you also to pray for our 7th Annual Iron Man Conference at the Union Rescue Mission. 125-150 men from the mission and Pacific Coast Church will gather in Skid Row and then in San Clemente to seek God for faith and friendship in an effort to grow our hearts toward God and each other in our community. If you are a man, I’d also challenge you to pray to seek God to consider if he’d like you to attend and be a part of the Battle for the Kingdom on Skid Row.

–Pastor Dan

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