• Pastor Dan Anderson


The Compton Initiative started 12 years ago by a group of churches and Jesus followers with a 40-year commitment to restore the City of Compton by painting homes, schools and churches on quarterly workdays in partnership with individual volunteers and other organizations.

I have been taking volunteers from the Union Rescue Mission for the past year and a half. This past week we had our biggest group yet… 39 men!

We painted seniors homes and did clean up in the neighborhood near our host church, Hope in Christ Community Church in Compton.

It was cool to also see the men work together as we combined the 3rd phase men in the program along side the Seeds of Hope who are in their first month at the mission. The new men felt good about their contribution to the community and were encouraged by the attention they received from the men further along in their recovery.

In 2019 Deed and Truth wants to put together a team for each quarter to assist in the cause to change the image of Compton from one of violence to Compassion in the name of Jesus.

This is a great opportunity for entire families to paint along side one another and others as over 1,500 people will gather on Saturday every quarter and reach out to the city of Compton with the love and compassion of Jesus.

Put this date on your calendar: Saturday, January 26, 2019… and join the Deed and Truth Volunteer Team as we take Jesus STRAIGHT INTO COMPTON.

–Pastor Dan

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