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Band of Brothers

The Band of Brothers is a Rescue Mission Alumni Association that Deed and Truth has organized and sustains. It’s function is to help mission graduates stay in healthy community and help serve others. November is movie month. I wanted to highlight two small acts of brotherhood that took place at the end of this week’s event.

We have been having difficulty getting enough transportation to get the men to off-site events so I’ve been relying on the guys who have vehicles to help. Hector volunteered to drive. After the movie I thanked Hector and shook hands with a $20 bill to give him for gas. $20 to a man who has very little is a lot of money. Hector graciously thanked me… right before he gave it back! Hector said he wanted to pay for the gas himself as this was his service to the Band of Brothers. He went on to say he has been so blessed by the mission that he sees this as a way to give back.

As soon as we came out of the theatre doors there was a fellow there wearing dirty and ragged clothes. He was experiencing homelessness. Immediately and without hesitation two of the Band of Brothers went up to him to greet him and hear his story. They listened to his story... then they shared that they too were homeless but that Jesus had transformed them. After inviting him to come to the mission for help they prayed with him to encourage him to follow up on that offer.

Thank you for your financial and prayer support for Deed and Truth. One of the many things we are able to do with your donations is to give the graduates a sense of community and provide them opportunities for fellowship and service. It helps the men feel “normal” and good about themselves in their new life with Christ… and that is translating into healthier men who are reaching out to help others find that same hope.

Here's the information for the movies this month.

–Pastor Dan

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