• Pastor Dan Anderson

A Big Small Group

Community is important to recovery and discipleship. When we discussed starting a small group we anticipated 6-8 guys showing up. Boy, were we surprised...

Deed and Truth is sponsoring a new URM men’s study group that began early October. It’s being facilitated by a volunteer, Fernando Gottardi, from San Clemente, with roots in Pacific Coast Church’s early work with the Union Rescue Mission.The study started with the Francis Chan seven part Basic series covering topics on Fearing God, Following Jesus, the Holy Spirit and other critical lessons.

The study group’s focus was originally aimed at capturing men in the URM who are approaching graduation and following alongside of them as they reintegrate back into society to keep them plugged in to important Christian relationships with other URM men studying God’s word. This changed to include men at all program stages at the URM starting with the initial Seeds of Hope, to encourage everyone and to develop strong relationships well before graduation.

The study group starts with sharing dinner together and then watching a short lesson video followed by a group discussion. The group discussions give every member the opportunity to share with the larger group one’s life experiences as it relates to the lesson.The group attendance has averaged over 25 and has remained committed to attending. The men are being very supportive of each other and relationships are clearly starting to develop and grow.

At our family meeting last Thursday the men who attended were actively inviting the others because they had such a great time talking about how life is centered in and around Christ.

A special thanks to Fernando for fighting the traffic from San Clemente every Wednesday night to make this big small group happen.

–Pastor Dan

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