• Pastor Dan Anderson

A Good Reason to be Thankful

Larry is a vet who I met on the street with a sign and a cup looking for hand outs. Deed and Truth has since created a labor of love so he doesn’t have to beg for his rent anymore.

Thanks to your generous support of Deed and Truth we were able to create a volunteer job for Larry at his church where he cleans the church offices as a service to the church. In return for his efforts Deed and Truth pays his meager rent and some groceries.

Larry with Pastor Kevin in his office.

The church is happy to have Larry more engaged in the church community as he is feeling like he belongs through his service.

You can tell that Larry also is feeling more connected to God by seeing this as his reasonable act of worship.

It’s also doing wonders for his sense of significance to the community. He refers to it as his job as he feels better about himself when he can work and be productive.

It’s also taken a load off his mind as he doesn’t have the pressure to beg for his daily provisions.

On this Thanksgiving weekend Larry sends his gratitude to all who support this ministry. Homelessness is a growing population but for this one man, whom Jesus died for, he no longer has the worry of getting behind on rent and adding to the homeless statistics on Skid Row.

Happy thanksgiving from Betty and myself.

–Pastor Dan

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