• Betty Anderson

A Christmas Prayer

Tresa’s journey into homeless began over four years ago. She was a struggling single Mom of 3 children who had lost her job, lost her home and then lost herself as she reflects back on her unraveling life.

Her son being almost 18 at the time, told his Mom, he wanted to move in with his girlfriend. Tresa was crushed, but knew she wouldn’t be able to stop him. The hard part of being homeless with a 17 year old son is that shelters can’t help because accordingly to state law they aren’t allowed to accept adult children. Tresa’s son would be 18 by the time her name came up for placement in a shelter.

Tresa shared, “My son saw my tears and it broke his heart to see me cry, so he thought he was doing me a favor by moving out”. His departure devastated his sisters and Tresa as well because they had always been a close knit family, they had each other.

The next 3 months, she and the twins lived in uncertainty and anxiousness staying at a friend’s home knowing this was only a temporary bandaid. Tresa did her homework, and was able to obtain motel vouchers from a housing agency while she patiently waited for an opening at URM’s Hope Gardens Family Center.

May of 2016, God opened doors with a phone call notifying Tresa that they had a place for her and her daughters. That call began their journey of healing and hope of a changed life.

Tresa now had a safe place to live for her and her daughters but there was a longing in her heart. She and her son drifted apart and there was basically no relationship, until 2 days before this past Thanksgiving when out-of-the-blue he contacted her. He said he’d missed them and wanted to come visit to celebrate the twin’s 16th birthday which was on Thanksgiving Day. He also apologized to his mother.

Tresa, didn’t hesitate and announced, “We’d love to see you.” They all went out for Thanksgiving dinner and then returned to Hope Gardens with a birthday cake to celebrate in the community dinning room. Tresa shared with a huge heartfelt smile, “We took pictures, we laughed, we cried, and picked up right where we left off a few years back. We’re a family again!” The twins light up when they see their big brother coming for weekly visits to Hope Gardens ever since Thanksgiving.

Teresa’s Christmas prayer is that they’d be able to spend Christmas Eve together and wake up on Christmas morning as a family to celebrate. Hope Gardens doesn’t allow adult children to spend the night. Deed and Truth is going to make it possible for this reunited family to celebrate Christmas 2018 together by covering their hotel rooms for a couple nights and their meals! Would you like to help?

Thank you for supporting Deed and Truth so God can use us to be answers to many other prayers.

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