• Seth Grant

A Big Surprise

At this time of the year we enjoy the value of surprises. Children (and adults) anticipate the surprises they may find under the Christmas tree. But those will pail in comparison to this surprise.

"My name is Seth, born in Ghana on the West Coast of Africa I never really had a family. My father was a tribal chief so when I was born out of wedlock to a woman of another country I was not allowed to live with my mother. I wasn’t accepted from my father’s side either. Shuffled around from auntie to auntie growing up I felt no love and no family bond.

I left home at 28 years of age. I took off from the port of Rotterdam as a qualified seaman in the year 1978. I was a Helmsman, navigating (driving) Ships from the Captain’s Bridge. I spent almost 30 years on the seas driving all kinds of ships including Cruise liners; Container carriers; Ro-Ro Car carriers; Bulk Crude Oil carriers, and sometimes worked on deep sea Oil Rigs.

In the year 2014, I re-entered the U.S from Mexico. I was on my way to New York, but decided to visit Hollywood, California. I did not have enough money to go into a hotel, so I ended up in a shelter, the Union Rescue Mission, in downtown LA. At the Mission I decided to join the Discipleship Training Program. I successfully went through the program and graduated after a year and became an Apprentice. In all this wilderness endeavor,

Since leaving my home country 40 years ago I had never communicated directly with my family back home. Then four months ago, in September of 2018, something dramatic occurred. I had a phone call from my village in Ghana. I answered and the person on line said she was my sister from the neighboring country, Togo, which is my mom’s home. She said, before my mother’s death she told her and the elder sister that, there was a boy who is their only brother by name Seth. So with the detail information, she travelled to my village in Ghana in search of me. She then informed me of her elder sister who is also in the U.S. She gave her phone number and told me she’s in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Immediately after our conversation, I called the sister in Charlotte, but she didn’t pick the call. I stopped and texted and narrated the story. Then I called again and quickly she picked up the call. Her first question was “ Are you sure you’re my brother Seth?” , and I said yes, so she quickly switched to the video section of the Whatsapp application; and here we were looking into each others faces for the first time of our existence. She is 57 and I’m 68 years of age. This was a phenomenal encounter we will never forget until we meet our mom in eternity. So I knew for the first time I had two sisters from the same Mother.

My sister in Charlotte, N.C., came into the U.S with the husband and their two young daughters from Italy. After a few years of stay , the husband was granted a permanent resident permit. This husband just decided to abandon the wife and children without any thoughts of responsibility, and like a dream departed the home, leaving the wife and the two daughters. He is in the U.S running around with other women, without any support for his family. This has been more than 5 years ago, without any contact; but praise be to Jesus, the sister with the two are surviving by his grace. This is my story of re-connection with siblings I never knew existed. My sister and I communicate through the app every day for several hours. For the first time in my life, I feel a family connection. I now have someone in my family who loves me and whom I love as well.

This brings me much joy in my heart and a smile to my face." – Seth Grant

Note: I was telling Seth how important it is to see each other face to face in the same space and to touch one another with hugs. He was down playing it saying that the computer connection was totally sufficient. I told him he was missing something by not being in her presence. The power of physical presence is a wonderful thing. Seth is beginning to understand this truth.

Deed and Truth wants to reconnect Seth and his sister in Charlotte, NC in person but his paperwork is an issue… as is hers. This eliminates public transportation. However, Dan is planning a road trip in 2019 to take Seth back to North Carolina. If you’d like to help please donate here.

–Pastor Dan

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