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Giving Back

Gratitude in our hearts should translate into Sacrifice in our Actions!

Here’s an inspiring story of a man who was homeless and is now helping those experiencing homelessness in the most humbling of ways.

Charles found himself homeless and on the streets. He came to the Union Rescue Mission and has radically been changed by Christ. He graduated the Christian Life Discipleship Program and then served a second year as an Apprentice. He proved to be such a diligent worker he was hired on as an employee.

Recently Charles retired and lives at the mission in our Ambassador wing. He’s not up to working 40 hours a week in a grueling job but he now volunteers 20 hours a week doing doing a job that most people wouldn’t want to touch.

It’s important to know that every man who enters the Discipleship Recovery Program must participate in Work Therapy to keep physically active and develop a good work ethic and work skills. It should also be noted that the newest men get the jobs that nobody wants – namely cleaning the emergency services bathrooms and shower facilities.

Over Charles tenure working in the maintenance department, he realized that the the guys who get those work therapy assignments don’t typically last long in the program. So this week he did something radical to help solve this trend.

Charles went to the Maintenance Supervisor and volunteered to switch roles with the new guys. He has volunteered to clean the Emergency Floor toilets, bathrooms, and shower facilities so other, more emotionally fragile and less spiritually mature men don’t get overwhelmed and give up on their recovery.

The reason Charles volunteered to make this sacrifice was simple… He feels the Lord has used the Mission to radically change his life so there is nothing too radical he can’t do to give back… and this is what God has inspired him to do to encourage other men to finish the course and find victory in Jesus.

I hope Charles’ story inspires you to seek God and ask him to give you a vision of how you can “Give Back” in some sacrificial way.

Check out Charles sharing his heart for ministry on this short video…

– Pastor Dan

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