• Pastor Dan Anderson

Renewing and Refreshing

Recovery is about Renewing and when we get renewed on the inside it’s like a fresh coat of paint for the outside.

Deed and Truth helped the men in the recovery program see this truth played out in a real life illustration. We took 32 men from the mission straight into Compton to serve in the Compton Initiative to beautify the Jefferson Elementary School campus.

As the buildings got a renovation it illustrated what’s going on in the lives of these men themselves. Each time they applied that brush or roller they were seeing what God is doing on them on the inside giving them a fresh start to beautify their lives.

They walked away recharged and refreshed for having lost themselves in the service to the community. What a great experience for all of us.

Today these men experienced the truth of Provers 11:25 that “those who refresh others will themselves be refreshed”.

If you’d like to join us here are the other dates for 2019 to put on your calendar:

April 13 / July 20 / October 19

To join our team call Pastor Dan @ 949-310-1261 for the details.

– Pastor Dan

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