• Pastor Dan Anderson


“Those who tell the stories rule society.” - Plato

Jesus knew the Power of Story. When He taught He drew from Stories. The Gospel writers learned from Jesus the Power of Story. The Gospels are full of stories of transformation.

Deed and Truth wants to tell stories to the ladies and children at Hope Gardens. Hollywood has also learned the power of story. They have been very successful using stories to influence and entertain audiences.

Deed and Truth is tapping into this rich resource of stories. We are sponsoring a Video Library to use the art of cinema to tell powerful, life-transforming stories to be used in classes and to create a forum to develop community in the family common areas. We will be sponsoring Story Time Movie Nights for our families as well as our senior ladies (including meals and yummy healthy snacks).

There are many wonderful stories that inspire faith in God and compassion for one another that we’d like these precious families to learn about through the movies. We have purchased 35 videos to get the library opened.

Please pray that this video library will be a useful resource that God can use to assist our teachers in their classrooms to illustrate biblical truths, to inspire Christ-like character traits in the lives of children and adults, and to build community aimed at healthy relationships.

If you have been moved by movies that you would like to donate please send your used videos or purchase new ones that tell these kinds of powerful stories as we would love to build the library. You may request a list of what we already have by simply responding to us via email at the bottom of this blog or by emailing me directly...

– Pastor Dan

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