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Life is filled with paradox. If you need encouragement… give encouragement (Proverbs 11:25).

Check out this story how giving generously of one’s time produces encouragement and friendship.

Once a month on Monday morning they meet at a rallying point in their cozy neighborhood and drive 60 miles to downtown Los Angeles – skid row to be more precise.

Pam Campbell and some of her friends from Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente come to the Union Rescue Mission every month to spend 90 minutes with women experiencing homelessness who have sought shelter from the dangerous streets.

They make friends by simply playing Bingo together. Winning teams receive socks, scarfs, hats, or hygiene products. Afterward they spend time making conversation, sharing names and stories about how they came to be at skid row. These interactions usually conclude with a few prayers being offered for God’s grace and provision.

These two ladies won their hats (knitted by Pam's friend Joyce) playing bingo!

As Pam and her team will affirm… on the way home there are heart's filled and spirit's refreshed both in the car and at the mission. Who knows how God will use that renewed bit of positive energy to help someone make it through a traumatic experience or provide the necessary hope to make one more call or go on one more interview that might provide an apartment or needed employment.

What we do know is that everyone involved is a step or two closer to Jesus with a heart filled with encouragement.

Love is the only transforming power source in the Universe and we have direct access to the manufacturer. The marvelous thing about love is that the more you give your portion away the more you get back in return. It multiplies with every compassionate interaction. And who needs it more than “the least of these” on skid row?

Want to create an experience like this for yourself and your friends or family? Contact me and we can talk about ways to share your passion, talent, or hobby with those experiencing homelessness at the mission…

– Pastor Dan

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