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What one word best describes the atmosphere surrounding skid row?

When I first came to skid row to work in this ministry to serve those experiencing homelessness a wise man described it as “a swirling vortex of chaos.”

In one word… Chaos! To quote an iconic author of American literature… “oh the noise, noise, noise, noise.” (for those who aren’t quite as well read that would be… Dr. Seuss:).

The ultimate wordsmith, Merriam Webster, defines Chaos as… complete disorder and confusion. What’s the antidote for this constant disarray of distraction? Order, organization of thought and planned activity, reflection, thoughtfulness, mindfulness.

What is needed to make this a reality? A respite from all noise and activity… a place designed to accomplish it.

This week Deed and Truth took a vacant covered but open patio area and turned it into just such a place for one segment of the mission population. We created a space for rest, relaxation, and thoughtful quietness for the men we call the “Disciples”.

The Disciples are men who have graduated the Christian Life Discipleship Program and are continuing to stay and work outside the mission as they continue on the path of recovery. They are saving money and preparing to transition but they need time to meditate on their future and catch their breath in the moment.

Thanks to those of you who support this ministry we were able to accomplish this renovation this week. Comments we kept hearing from the ministry staff included, “beautiful” & “amazing”.

The Director of the program put it this way…

“Thanks for helping us create lovely spaces. You are really giving the men a non-clinical Mission experience with all this effort. You are a great part of our team.”

I’d ask you to do four things now that this project has been completed…

  1. Praise God with me for this important accomplishment;

  2. Pray that God will accomplish the purpose for the space in the lives of these men;

  3. Keep reading subsequent blogs as we are preparing to do some much needed upgrades to the rest of the third floor in developing the Dayroom, the Barber Shop, the lobby, and a new Movie Room/Library;

  4. Ask God if he’d like you to contribute to these upcoming projects.

–Pastor Dan

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