• Pastor Dan Anderson


Transformation of the heart doesn’t happen without the renewing of the mind (Romans 12:2). Deed and Truth is making a new commitment to this end.

The Urban Ministry Institute of Los Angeles is a ministry of World Impact, an evangelical Christian missions organization dedicated to ministering God’s love in the inner city. It helps the committed followers of Christ among the urban poor to get an affordable seminary education to become bright lights in dark places.

TUMI’s objectives are:

  • To provide excellent and affordable ministry education that is sensitive to urban culture

  • To facilitate the multiplication of healthy, reproducing urban churches, especially among the urban poor

  • To promote and apply a biblical understanding of freedom, wholeness, and justice for the city

  • To provide a forum for discussion, research, and publication that compassionately addresses the aspirations and challenges of the city

  • To stimulate dialogue and cooperation among churches and urban ministries who seek to serve the city

TUMI is the answer to the question: how do the urban poor, with a calling on their life to serve God in ministry, receive a seminary degree?

Deed and Truth is committing to underwrite the entire project to have a TUMI satellite of the ministry at the Union Rescue Mission for guests and staff to be trained. With the sponsorship of Deed and Truth we can offer each class to each student for just $25.

If you’d like to help support this specific ministry of Deed and Truth, make a donation here. We appreciate your prayer and financial support of the things God reveals and challenges us to do for the inner-city poor.

– Pastor Dan

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