• Pastor Dan Anderson

A Good Investment

One of my roles and goals is to protect, develop, and maintain spiritual culture in the mission. Leaders create culture for staff and staff creates the culture for the guests. Here are some ways God is helping me accomplish this task.

Here is my 7-pronged strategy to Invest in the staff at the Union Rescue Mission to develop, protect, and maintain spiritual culture.

  1. Support the CEO in prayer: I meet every week for a private time of prayer with our CEO, Rev. Andy Bales to pray for him personally as well as the ministry needs that he presents for the URM.

  2. Train the Leadership team: I provide monthly training for our top management team to help them minister in the power of the Spirit to affect transformation in our guests.

  3. Teach Staff weekly: I have begun a quest to present a 6-hour presentation of the Essentials of Christianity for every current staff member and will be a part of the orientation for all new hires moving forward.

  4. Provide Devotions for Departments: I offer regular devotional meetings for departments to encourage, inspire and develop unity.

  5. Mentor Chaplains: God has given me the opportunity to step into a mentoring role for our chaplains. We have a very well educated group who are doing a great job but need occasional encouragement and input themselves.

  6. Personal Counseling for Staff: I send several electronic email devotional thoughts a week and it provides opportunity for staff to seek counsel on a personal level.

  7. Spiritual Interviews for potential hires: We are now adding a Spiritual Element to the Interview process. All finalists for new hiring now go through a Spiritual conversational interview with myself, or one of our chaplains, to be sure that we are hiring people who have a vital relationship with Christ and understand the value of Christian community.

Please pray for these seven areas of ministry to our team. Pray for my own Spiritual walk with God and protection from the enemy. A good line I heard this week… “When God is busy at work you can be sure the enemy is also.

– Pastor Dan

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