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Beautiful Spaces

They say Beautiful Things can happen in Beautiful Spaces. This week Deed and Truth has transformed an important place into a beautiful space. When someone is struggling with emotional pain they often self-medicate. We all must find ways to cope with our negative feelings. When we are hurting the most natural thing to do is to pull away from other people and isolate ourselves. It’s in isolation that this pain has germinated and grown. It’s in community that these things are healed. Relationships are at the root of the problem and the solution.

In an effort to promote healthy community in an unhealthy neighborhood Deed and Truth has recreated the space in the Program Dayroom. It’s our desire that Beautiful things will happen in this Beautiful Space. We have created a space to lure the men away from the streets and their private rooms into the community space where relationships can be developed and nurtured.  

Check out these before and after pictures. Praise God for the 400 volunteer hours and $40,000 donated to make this transformation a reality. This room is the envy of the entire building and men have been blown away that anyone would do this for them.



A special thanks to all of you who support this ministry and a word of recognition to the young adult ministry at Christian Assembly Church in Eagle Rock for their time and efforts along with our designer and benefactor, Sylvia Collins, who invested so much time into this effort.

In weeks to come we will show you our two other Space Transformation Projects, the Barber Shop & Movie Room.

Here is a short video to show you the entire room:

–Pastor Dan

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