• Pastor Dan Anderson


Ray Davenport spent a good deal of his adult life running away from the Lord but thanks to the Union Rescue Mission and his church community he came home.

Not too long ago Ray was living on the street in the hood of Compton hanging with the gang and strung out on drugs and alcohol.

He told me about the day his life turned around. He was with his gang and drug friends when they saw a caravan of cars coming their way and pulling over. Soon a bunch of guys got out of their cars and headed straight over to them.

As they got closer he recognized their leader. It was his brother, who was also the pastor of the church he used to attend. The men with him were the deacons and other leaders of the church.They had come to pray and intercede for Ray and to ask God to bring him home.

Ray was emotionally moved and not long afterward, when his health was deteriorating, he exchanged a hospital bed for one at the Union Rescue Mission in the Men’s Christian Life Recovery Program.

Ray graduated and became an Apprentice at the Mission as the Program Barber. He had plans to open his own Barber Shop once his one year Apprenticeship ended. However, his life ended before his Apprenticeship.

I was preaching at their church and his brother, Pastor Ed Robinson, leaned over to me and said he’d have to leave as Ray had just been admitted to the hospital comatose.

After the service Betty and I went straight to the hospital to pray with the family that had gathered. Ray never came out of the coma.

Ray never got an opportunity to start his life over and pursue his dream of opening a Barber Shop. However, he had picked out a name for it.

This past couple weeks Deed and Truth completed the makeover of the URM barbershop where Ray served. With the help of his siblings and some awesome volunteers, Deed and Truth has re-opened the Barber Shop with a fresh look and a new name dedicated to Ray.

Check out the before pictures and the short video of the transformation into Junie’s Soul Scissors (Junie’s was Ray’s nickname with his family as he was a Jr.)

And as always… Thanks to all of you who faithfully and generously support this ministry to minister to those experiencing poverty and homelessness. Thanks for helping us honor Ray, and his family, by renovating the Barber Shop at the URM in memory of our departed friend.



– Pastor Dan

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