• Pastor Dan Anderson


Movies are not only an enjoyable form of entertainment and a source of inspiration but also a great activity to develop camaraderie with our friends.

Check out the new Movie Room that Deed & Truth has created for the men in the URM Discipleship Ministry.

The new movie room is full every night and the guys are loving’ it! They are gathering other men to join them in the new movie room and watching movies together. This naturally generates a lot of good conversation afterward.

Every Night has turned into Movie Night as different guys are using the room 7 days a week.

If you’d like to donate a good movie the guys might want to watch we would love to start a video library for them. We’ve already created one earlier this year at Hope Gardens.

Check out the before and after pictures and video… and as always… Thanks to all of you who give to make this ministry possible.

FYI… It also doubles during the day as a Library. If you have a solid book or two you’d like to donate that would also be appreciated.



– Pastor Dan

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