• Pastor Dan Anderson


Once our moms at Hope Gardens graduate from the Christian Life Recovery Program, but before they enter the housing search phase, they begin the critical phase that prepares them for employment. During this time they are getting workforce classroom training, earning Apprenticeships at Hope Gardens, and then one-on-one mentorship creating a resume, doing mock interviews, and even picking out an appropriate outfit for interviewing.

However, some of our ladies have practical hurdles that will prevent them from succeeding. There are two in particular that Deed and Truth is partnering with Hope Gardens to overcome.

  • GED: A good number of the mothers have come from dysfunctional backgrounds and have never graduated high school. They will find it difficult to find employment without a high school education. Therefore we are coming along side the ladies to assist them in getting their GED high school equivalency certificate. It’s our desire and commitment to assist every single mother who lacks a high school diploma.

  • CDL: Some of the moms do not have a valid California Drivers License. Without a CDL it will make long-term employment that much harder. Therefore, Deed and Truth will be assisting our graduates who need to learn to drive. Then we will come along side them till they get their driver’s license.

With these two assets we believe the women will have a much better opportunity to succeed in the work force. We just witnessed our first GED success.

RUX is a smart young woman who ran into significant life struggles. She never finished high school. However, upon graduating from Hope Gardens Program, Deed and Truth helped Rux got into GED classes.

Just recently Rux finished her training and passed her GED exam. She is so proud of herself and so thankful to the Deed and Truth donors for giving her this opportunity to better herself and get that advantage she needs to find a path to financial independence.

In a moment of vulnerability, Rux said to Betty, “I can’t thank you enough. I’ve never had anybody do anything like this for me before.”

She is now very hopeful that through gainful employment she can provide for her family and not have to always rely on the generosity of others to carry her along.

On behalf of Rux, and the other women to follow, we want to thank all of our donors for providing Hope at the Garden by helping the women advance their education and learn to drive. With these two accomplishments they will be that much closer to meaningful employment and financial independence.

– Pastor Dan

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