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Alabaster Jar

No one can do everything but everyone can do something. This is the story of one such person who has started a new ministry for Deed and Truth to bless those whom God has called to serve on the front lines of the fight against homelessness.

ALABASTER JAR by Lynne Muslin

Several years ago I was given a small book titled She Did What She Could by Elisa Morgan. It’s a wonderful book about serving God based on Mark 14:8. It’s the beautiful story about the woman with the alabaster jar.

It challenged me, yet also gave me peace and comfort in knowing God gives each of us opportunities for service that are unique to our lives, our giftedness, our resources, if only our hearts are open and our willing.

During a recent visit to Hope Gardens I was once again blessed by the joy a simple visit with the guests can bring, to them and to me. I also had an opportunity to glimpse some of the daily challenges the staff encounters. Oh how I want to be a part of the serving being done there!

On my way home that night I found myself grumbling about the distance. Was this to be my sacrificial service? My career of 45 years had involved countless hours on the freeways of Southern California. Surely God wasn’t going to call me to that in my retirement? If only it was closer, I could go more often, help the staff, ease the burden a bit. Quickly I had turned the blessing into complaint.

That night, I prayed God would give me a way to help support Hope Gardens in a practical way. How could I do something from so far away? In the morning I awoke with an idea… Open my home as a Retreat Oasis for the Hope Garden Staff!

San Clemente is a beautiful place with its beaches, walking trails, the pier and nearby Dana Point Harbor and Mission San Juan Capistrano. God had planted me here many years ago, with my home to be used over the years for his good purposes. It’s not a big place or fancy in any way, but it’s what God has given me. It is my alabaster jar!! While I fully expect to continue to visit to Hope Gardens, God has shown me a way to assist the efforts at Hope Gardens right here in my home in San Clemente by using my home as a ministry tool for the staff.

I suspect that’s the case for all of us… He gives us abundance, beyond what we need, so we can turn around and bless others. Maybe it’s financial, maybe an area of giftedness, maybe a home… definitely our hearts.

Take a look at Lynne's alabaster jar! Unfortunately, surf lessons aren't included.

–Pastor Dan

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