• Pastor Dan Anderson


Hope Gardens is our Recovery Facility for single mothers and their families. It is nestled in the foothills of Sylmar. The isolated 77-acre oasis is advantageous for recovery from trauma but difficult for mobility.

How does a mother and family at Hope Gardens get around without a vehicle?

Most of the moms in the Hope Gardens ministry do not have personal vehicles so they rely on the staff to get them around when they have court dates, school functions, medical appointments, and personal errands to run.

The current vehicle that was donated to the Gardens years ago is on its last leg. It is old (2003 model) and tired (236,000 miles). It’s becoming more and more unreliable and unsafe to take on the road.

This month Deed and Truth has a Vantastic opportunity for you to participate in to bless this precious community. We have committed to purchase a recent model, pre-owned Toyota Sienna Van with low mileage to provide practical, reliable, and comfortable transportation for our mothers and children.

We have identified the van and now we could use your help. The purchase price out the door is right around $22,500. We will be delivering the vehicle this month.

Will you prayerfully consider being a Gospel Patron to partner with us in providing this important ministry tool?

As always, we thank all of you who give generously and pray regularly for this ministry to the least of these. We love you and appreciate your partnership in the gospel to get the Good News of Jesus Christ to the helpless and hurting. Sometimes words aren’t enough… it takes a Van :)

–Pastor Dan

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