• Pastor Dan Anderson

Growing Up

Phillip was abandoned by his entire family at the age of 8 or 9 in the projects of Los Angeles many years ago. He was traumatized and his emotional development stopped that day. Today he’s a grown man physically and growing up emotionally and spiritually.

Check out how God is growing him up at the URM in very measurable ways…

Phillip is an Ambassador at the mission. That means he is one of only 22 men who are permanent residents. These 22 men have graduated the Christian Life Discipleship Program but have disabilities that preclude them from providing for themselves and no family to take them in.

Phillip has been at the mission for 7 years now clean and sober and growing up in many ways. Educationally he has a tutor and he’s proud to say he’s at a 6th grade level. Emotionally he has a therapist and she is helping him unearth his buried pain and disappointment.

I am working with him on growing up spiritually. He attends every chapel and bible study offered. It’s not unusual to hear him say out loud in study, “Praise God, I’m in the Right Class”!

Given his traumatic background he has understandable habit of wanting to keep for himself everything he accumulates. So we began to work on the Grace of Giving.

When I first approached him, he said, “no thanks." :)

However, as we have spent more time together he began to want to step into this new area of Christian Character. He has done many things since then to give to others including donating to relief funds, sponsored a Dodger game for the teens at Hope Gardens, sponsored movie nights at the theatre for our senior men, bought Christmas presents for the men in the program, and most recently he wanted to host a seniors day out at Shakey’s All-You-Can-Eat Buffet (he’s a big fan of their MoJo potatoes :) ).

What was really interesting was that on the ride to Shakey's Phillip began to point out specific places he remembered from his childhood. Come to find out, the pizza place was in his old “hood” where he learned to live on the streets.

When we arrived at the pizza palace :) he pointed to the hill of the back parking lot and shared the story of where he used to sleep at night as a scared child behind a bush next to a fence extremely close to a steep drop off.

After he bought us all lunch and we had a good time of fellowship, and as we approached our vehicle to leave, we recorded this one minute video of his memory of that place.

As you watch this please say a prayer of gratitude for what God has done in Phillip’s life. He has grown up a lot since coming to the mission. He has grown up in the Grace of Giving. However, he is still an emotional child in a grown man’s body. Please also say a prayer of petition for his continued Emotional and Spiritual growth and development.

–Pastor Dan

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