• Pastor Dan Anderson

Beach Day

When you live in the concrete jungle of Los Angeles at the Mission in the middle of skid row it can be described as a “swirling vortex of chaos.” Getting out of the neighborhood for a day is extremely therapeutic and a necessity for healthy recovery.

A big thanks to our friends for making this possible last week for 29 of our men.

A BIG shout out to our friends at Pacific Coast Church in San Clemente for hosting a Beach Day for the men in the Christian Life Discipleship Ministry at the URM. They invited the men to attend their church service to worship together in San Clemente and then reserved a spot at Doheny Beach in Dana Point for a relaxing day at the beach.

The guys had a great time scarfing down giant hot dogs with all the trimmings while enjoying the ocean breeze and friendly conversations with men from the church. It’s always a special time to have church folk pay the men special attention and invite them to their “hood.” The men felt welcomed, respected, and as some put it… “we felt normal for a day.”

A special thanks to the men and women of Pacific Coast Church for hosting a summer beach day. Your hospitality was invigorating. Your prayers and conversations provide positive energy to stay on the path to recovery and spiritual maturity. May you all be refreshed as you have refreshed others.

“A generous man will prosper; he (and she) who refreshes others will himself/herself be refreshed.” - Proverbs 11:25

–Pastor Dan

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