• Pastor Dan Anderson

Strengthening One Another in God

This weekend we held our 8th Annual Iron Man Conference at the Union Rescue Mission referencing the truth from proverbs 27:17 that as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.

Listen to this example how one man from the mission sharpened one of the leaders of our conference this weekend:

You’ve got my back..

During the 8th annual ironman conference today I was walking back from the bowling alley with my new friend Roger. I’d only known Roger, who is a middle aged black man currently living at the Mission, for a few minutes when we strolled past the corner of 5th and San Pedro where a man was fatally shot just a couple of nights before. We then approached the Union Rescue Mission where we walked through the middle of a small crowd of folks playing nickels on the sidewalk. At that point I noticed that Roger had purposely put his hand on my back in order to carefully guide me through the crowd. As I was digesting our stroll Roger revealed to me that the game of nickels was far from innocent and what we had just passed by can instantly turn ugly. What I also realized was that instead of distancing himself from the clueless white guy that was about to stroll right through the middle of their game, I believe that he wanted them, and me to know that he had my back.

Today we learned important messages from Dr. Gene Getz, a prominent Christian author and also Micah Bournes, an up and coming young poet.

For me however, the most important message I learned today was from Roger, a maybe not so prominent man who showed me the true meaning of what an Ironman friendship is supposed to be about.

–Mike Morris

–Pastor Dan

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