• Pastor Dan Anderson

The Extra Mile

Expressing appreciation in tangible ways is an appropriate way to honor those who go the extra mile, who go over and above the call of duty.

Deed & Truth wants to display our appreciation for the Hope Gardens staff for their recent efforts in the evacuations.

Serving at Hope Gardens is no small service to God. The staff is daily working in a stressful environment with families who are fleeing some very difficult circumstances.

Adding to the daily pressures of this type of ministry, this past month they had to orchestrate two 2-day evacuations and a third on-site realignment for a power outage. They had to work overtime and realign their personal and family schedules to have work shifts around the clock and provide a sense of calm during a traumatic time.

Deed & Truth wants to display appreciation by supplying two practical gifts to the staff the week before Thanksgiving as a way of saying, “Thank you for your sacrificial service.”

The HG staff has a little get-away lounge with a kitchen and meeting area. We want to fix it up and make it look really nice and create a comfortable space to relax, spend breaks, eat lunch, hold staff meetings, and hold meetings with outside partners. This will provide a daily reminder that they are appreciated.

Second, we’d like to provide them a special day to get away and enjoy themselves as a team. We want to take them to Universal Studios. Keep in mind that some of the staff are former guests who went through the program and have never been to an amusement park.

Universal is a short drive and would be such a fun experience for them to hang out together. This will be a very practical Thanksgiving gift for the entire team.

Some of you were asking how you might help during the evacuations and this is our way of saying, “Thank you” to the staff for these recent acts of service as well as your efforts all year round.

If you’d like to help provide these blessings please donate below. Your gifts are always appreciated. And “thank you” in advance for your support.

–Pastor Dan

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