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The first time I met Mike Weber he came up to me after I spoke at Mission Chapel service with tears in his eyes. I had just preached on Psalm 37:4 that if you delight in the Lord he will give you the desires of your heart.

Mike was moved that God might still be able to supply the desire of his heart.

Mike revealed that the desire of his heart was to be reconciled to his three siblings and their families. He hadn’t been in contact with them for close to 25 years due to having burned those relationships to accommodate his addictions.

During the past four years Mike experienced transformation through Christ. Eventually he was healthy enough to reach out and try to seek forgiveness of his family.

Of the three siblings only one was open to listen, forgive, and reestablish a relationship. It was one of the true joys of Mike’s life to communicate with his sister Linda by phone a couple times a week.

Two years ago Deed & Truth provided the funds to send Mike back to New Orleans to visit the one sister who was willing to reconcile with him and hopefully see the others. As it turned out it was a great time with Linda and her husband but the other two couldn’t trust him enough to see him. They were too injured.

For those who follow the blogs you know that Mike passed away from cancer recently. We offered to bring Linda and her husband, Lloyd, out to CA for the memorial. They suggested instead we use that money to go to Louisiana to hold a memorial for Mike out there for the family.

Betty and I went last weekend and God did a beautiful thing. Instead of holding a ceremony to simply pay our respects to the departed I told the family I wasn’t going to be talking ABOUT MIKE as much as talking FOR MIKE.

I shared what I thought he wanted them to know… about how he had come to repentance before God and made a comeback through Christ and had developed a personal and pleasurable relationship with Jesus which had replaced his old pursuits… and how he longed to tell them personally how very sorry he had grown to know he had hurt the people who loved him and that he regretted the lost time of family fellowship and loving relationships.

All three siblings and their extended families came to the memorial, all three were moved by the honest conversation and together spread his ashes into the lake.

His older sister and his brother’s wife both said afterward that they were sad that they didn’t visit with Mike when he came out two Christmas’s ago. They didn’t believe it was true. Now that Betty and I came out they had sufficient evidence to believe in his transformation and it has begun a healing process for the whole family.

When we delight in the Lord he gives us the proper desires and promises to fulfill them. God’s timing may not be what we are expecting but He’s always faithful.

Love doesn’t always get to receive. The highest form of love is getting your desire without a return… the beneficiaries are the siblings who were the injured parties not Mike himself. And I think Mike would be delighting in the Lord to know that.

Then again… I wonder… did his father in heaven invite Mike to listen in and see his desire come to pass or maybe sit down one on one and share with Mike how he actually did give him the desire of his heart!

–Pastor Dan

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