• Pastor Dan Anderson

Secret to Success

People who struggle with addiction and homelessness have something in common and so do those who find success in their recovery. The core factor behind addiction and homelessness is not simply a lack of housing or employment but disconnectedness. Therefore the core factor in recovery from these adversities is connectedness. That’s why the church is so critical for those who are serious about their long-term recovery.

We strive to see the men and women at the mission and Hope Gardens get into churches and see it for more than just an event on Sunday to attend. God designed the church to be so much more.

I want to introduce you to two men who I view as exemplary in their attitude toward the church. As a Pastor I’d be thrilled if everyone who goes to church had their approach to it. Please take a few minutes to listen (and learn) from James and Hector as they share their hearts and experiences with their church.

James commitment requires significant sacrifice. He has to take two buses and it takes over an hour and a half each way!

– Pastor Dan

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