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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Andy Williams recorded that Christmas classic, “It’s the most Wonderful time of the year” and for many people it really is, but for many people living in Skid Row who are disconnected from friends and family, Christmas can be the most DEPRESSING time of the year.

Deed & Truth is busy at the Union Rescue Mission and Hope Gardens helping our guests, and staff, understand why Christmas is a time to “Celebrate” rather than “Hibernate.”

In our culture Christmas celebration is heavily tied to our relationships with family and friends and consumerism. Not to say “Ba! Humbug!” on our Christmas Celebrations but it is incumbent upon us to be sensitive to our brothers and sisters who lack relational connections and resources. If you lack those two things then Christmas, as our culture presents it, is NOT a time to celebrate.

Deed & Truth is reminding our friends on Skid Row that there is good reason for everyone to celebrate because this is the time we celebrate that Jesus moved into the Neighborhood to demonstrate his love for us… first in a Cradle then eventually on a Cross!

Here’s a list of Christmas ministries that Deed & Truth is providing:

Sponsored the URM Men’s Program Christmas Event.

Special thanks to a handful of Deed & Truth supporters who braved the traffic to hang out with our guys and ensure they had a good time. One of our volunteers, Jay, told me afterward that he was concerned for one of the young guys at his table who began the night very disconnected emotionally from the rest of the people around him. By the end of the evening he was laughing and engaging in the fun activities. Mission Accomplished.

Hope Gardens Christmas Family Movie Night

We are showing the movie “The Star” which is an animated version of the original Christmas as told by the animals around the manger. We are also giving every family a corresponding children’s book so the moms can reinforce the real Christmas Story by reading to their children and a Nativity Ornament to hang in their rooms. And of course there will be plenty of popcorn and soda to go around. If you’d like to attend it will be next Wednesday, December 18th at 6pm.

Hope Gardens Senior Women’s Christmas Tea

One of our super volunteers, Lynne, is rallying her friends to come and put on a wonderful Christmas tea for our senior women complete with decorations, food, bingo, and prizes. The ladies are really excited as they anticipate the festivities to celebrate Christmas.

Hope Gardens Teenagers Special Gift

We recently gave an Action Bible to our Youth Pastor at Hope Gardens and he loved, loved, loved it. That’s the bible that looks like a giant comic book completely illustrated by a former Marvel artist. He wants to give one to each of the teenagers for Christmas so Deed & Truth is making that happen.

Hope Gardens Staff Pajama Party

Betty, on behalf of Deed & Truth, is hosting a Pajama Party for the female staff at Hope Gardens this Friday. They will enjoy fun and games, win prizes, have pizza and snacks and lots of fellowship while they watch a Christmas movie. We will be giving them all a nice Christmas gift to bless their families as well.

Christmas Bible Study Series at the URM

I ask you to pray for a bible study series I’m leading every day next week at the mission for staff and program men. Every morning, Monday through Friday, I will be taking the group on a journey through the bible to see the Christmas story through the eyes of those experiencing it as recorded in scripture. Monday it’s Christmas according to Luke, Tuesday Matthew, Wednesday John, Thursday Paul, and culminating Friday with the Christmas Story according to Jesus Himself! I’m really excited about helping our entire organization focus on Christ this Christmas and the Incredible Implications of Jesus Moving Into our Neighborhood!

– Pastor Dan

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