• Dan Anderson


No, not the guy in the over-stated red suit who reportedly is making a list and checking it twice. No, I’m not even referring to God himself who does have that ability.

I’m talking about our children… The children learn best by our example and don’t you know… they are watching you.

Check out the story of a father and son who volunteer with Deed & Truth at the mission.

Scott McLellan

My first Ironman experience was a Christian Life Discipleship Program graduation. I rode up to URM with Jerry Jenkins and he used our time on the road to explain Ironman, URM, and his experience with being a mentor. I’ve been involved in different capacities ever since. Kai came to me one day and asked if he could join me for the next event. He wanted to meet the men that I was so excited to see. I think he recognized the value of the relationships that Ironman introduced me to. These guys weren’t my typical friends. There was something special going on. Kai has been an Ironman for three years now. Every year, he writes Christmas cards for our Ambassador brothers at URM. Nothing fancy. Just some words of encouragement for the men that we have the privilege of calling our friends.

Kai McLellan, 11 Years Old

Kai has been involved for 4 years now.

–Pastor Dan

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