• Pastor Dan Anderson


“Dress for Success” was a best-selling book written in 1975 about the effect of clothing on a person’s personal image and its effect upon one’s success in business and personal life. If you can dress for success then it makes sense your clothes can conversely affect a lack of success in life.

Deed & Truth wants to clean up skid row, or at least the clothes for the men in the Christian Life Discipleship Ministry, at the Union Rescue Mission.

As of today, as this blog is written, there are ZERO WORKING WASHING MACHINES for the men’s floor! There was only one and it broke.

We all know the importance of having clean clothes on our mental health and our view of ourselves as well as our confidence to move forward in life.

Deed and Truth wants to not simply replace a washing machine but create a Laundry Room with 4 washers and 4 dryers… a clean environment to help the men have clean clothes and promote a healthy view of oneself which leads to success in so many arenas of life.

We also want to do the same for the women in the Recovery Program at Hope Gardens. Currently none of the machines are actually Commercial Grade and is why they don’t last long. These machines get a tremendous amount of use (and abuse).

We want to supply 16 washers and 16 dryers to help “clean up skid row." One of our friends has done the research and negotiating for the commercial machines that are needed. We’d like you to ask God if He wants you to help.

Would you pray and ask him if this is a ministry you are to step into? Here are the numbers…

We need 16 sets of Washers and Dryers... at a cost of right around $1,200 per set including tax, parts, and installation.

We mentioned this project at our February informational meeting and we had an anonymous donor offer an $8,000 gift to get the project off the ground. We are going to begin this month to renovate the URM Men’s Laundry space and purchase the four washers and dryers they need.

Whatever God supplies will determine how many laundry spaces we can renovate at Hope Gardens. Please pray for God to supply and if you are one of the answers to your own prayer we say “thank you” in advance!

Let’s clean up skid row one load at a time :)


– Pastor Dan & Betty


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