• Pastor Dan Anderson

How are the Homeless affected by the Coronavirus?

You're likely getting an incredible amount of emails regarding the Coronavirus from all different sources - your favorite grocery stores, online shops, churches, news corporations, and more. Even PetCo wants you to be aware of how clean their stores are so that you can take care of your pets.

Many of these organizations are well-meaning and just working to serve their customer base well. We didn't want to send out yet another email but realize that those who receive this email and read our blog, do so because they care deeply for the homeless community in Los Angeles that Deed and Truth has the opportunity to serve.

With that, we wanted to give you an update on the status of our communities at URM and Hope Gardens.

We are pleased to report that there have not been any confirmed cases of Coronavirus at either facility. URM and Hope Gardens have invested greatly into the cleanliness of each facility to combat the spread of sicknesses. This has been accomplished by adding three stand-alone hot water hand-washing stations and setting up quarantine areas complete with exclusive restrooms for individuals and families who exhibit flu like symptoms until tests are conducted. Additionally, the URM is providing education to residents and staff based on CDC guidelines and through the onsite clinic managed by the LA Department of Health Services. Finally, staff has been asked to stay home or work from home if they are exhibiting symptoms and has provided additional sick/vacation days to make this possible.

Please continue to pray for the residents and staff of both URM and Hope Gardens. Please also pray for the homeless community outside our walls. They are high-risk due to their living conditions and lifestyle choices. Maybe this will help some of them to choose a new lifestyle and we can serve them in a deeper way.

– Pastor Dan

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