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From the World Health Organization (WHO), to the White House, and to local health department we are all being advised to stay at home and wash our hands. This is helpful advise unless you happen to be homeless.

What home is that? How am I suppose to wash my hands every 30 minutes?

Those experiencing homelessness are some of the most vulnerable people in our country right now given the deadly Covid-19 virus. Please be praying them.

Here is an update for those experiencing homelessness staying with us at the Union Rescue Mission.

We are trying to follow all the guidelines given to us from the DMH. We had our first case of the virus this week. One of our Iron Man guys named Gerald has been hospitalized. Gerald is a program graduate who still lives at the mission and is now a URM employee.

Please pray for Gerald. He is in critical condition in an induced coma as his body battles pneumonia and the virus. He currently is on a respirator unable to breath properly on his own.

As a precautionary measure we have locked down the entire 3rd floor where Gerald was staying and sent his roommates and close friends to be tested and quarantined off site. We’ve also shifted the men on that floor over 60 to hotel rooms nearby for additional protection for those more vulnerable.

No one is allowed on or off that floor. I want to share one major concern and answer to prayer as it relates to an outcome of the lock down. There was only one washing machine and one dryer in their laundry area and they were on the blink. But thanks to all of you who support Deed & Truth, today (Thursday) four new commercial grade washers and four new commercial grade dryers were delivered and installed.

As one chaplain put it… “God’s timing couldn’t have been better as we were at the brink of a riot on the floor given they couldn’t get clean clothes.”

Thanks to all of you for making this happen. God used you in a powerful and practical way to keep these 125 men safer and maybe even save some lives in the bigger scope of things.

On a personal note: Betty has had Shingles for the past five weeks but seems almost completely over it at this point. It was a painful experience. She advises anyone over 60 to get your vaccination to avoid this virus. Jessica is in Charlotte, NC and able to work from home. Tessa is in Anaheim and her industry is completely shut down for the time being so she is out of work. I started working from home this week as they wanted all the “old people” to work off-site for now.

PS The Mayfair Hotel just west of DTLA has been designated as an isolation and quarantine site for anyone from skid row awaiting test results. Next week, City workers accompanied by LAPD will paint lines on skid row sidewalks 12ft apart. The CDC has directed that persons living on the streets in tents should maintain 12ft separation. Outreach workers will be distributing 5,000 gloves and masks per week to skid row homeless, as well as new underwear and socks. 60 additional portable toilets and hand washing stations will be deployed in skid row.

–Pastor Dan

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