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What's Really Essential?

Only essential services are open for business these days. What’s REALLY essential is being debated in some circles but here’s something I think most of us can agree upon… Prayer is Essential... and should be “open for business” even more hours than ever before.

To help you pray more specifically for Deed and Truth here’s an update on the virus concerns in Skid Row amongst some of the most vulnerable in our society.

If you read our blog from last week you know that a Mission Staff Member lost his life to the virus. He was a graduate of the program and a good friend to many involved with Deed & Truth mentoring ministry.

In the past seven days more people have tested positive. Floors are in lockdown quarantines. This is a major concern for the mission, and the health department as well, as we attempt to protect the many people who live in the shelter as well as the street who are living in tight quarters. The mission is focusing all attention to protect the many guests but it’s extremely difficult to monitor social distancing and good hygiene.

As a protective measure the mission, in cooperation with the Department of Health in Los Angeles, are working together and moved into “decompression” mode. This week the goal was to move 50% of the guests to other locations around the city and the mission. The remaining 50% are being spread out throughout the building. Conference rooms, the chapel, and the gym have been transformed into living quarters to distance people from one another. The other 50% are being transported to hotels and offsite locations for at least the next 30 days.

Needless to say, all programming has come to a stand-still. We also are unable to receive new guests seeking shelter from the dangers of the street or life transformation. We are considering ways to partner with others to meet these needs.

I personally have been able to work remotely from home. Leadership is encouraging all those who can work from home to do so to minimize exposure to the conditions. However, this is a 24/7/365 operation and staff is needed around the clock to operate.

A big question these days is… What’s really Essential? What are the primary, essential services needed for basic needs? I’d suggest that for every person… Prayer is the Essential.

We value your prayers. Here is a specific list of requests:

  • Containment of the virus spreading in the building and in the neighborhood

  • Stamina and protection for the staff who are essential and serving daily around the clock

  • The emotional and mental health of those who came to us for help and are being isolated creating trauma triggers

  • Men and women seeking sobriety and deliverance from addictions who will be tempted to use to cope with their trauma

  • Places for those who are coming in and seeking shelter when there is no where to turn

  • The financial burdens that these adjustments put on the organization while fund raisers are lost or being postponed

  • The hearts of donors, who themselves may face financial hardship, to maintain their giving which may become more of a sacrifice

  • The poor communities, which do not have the same advantages as the more resources ones, to be protected by God’s compassionate hand

  • For God to something extraordinarily powerful in these extraordinarily difficult times for all of us

  • provision for recent grads who have lost their jobs or have been furloughed given they have more entry level jobs

If you have prayer requests, Betty and I are spending additional time in prayer during this shelter in place time, and we’d feel honored and privileged to support you and your family in prayer. Please send us your requests to

– Pastor Dan

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