• Pastor Dan Anderson

A Better Tomorrow

Children living in poor communities already have two strikes against them when it comes to breaking cycles of poverty. This leaves them vulnerable to many dangerous circumstances and life choices. What is their best path to a better tomorrow?

One of the most important assets that children in poor communities need is a good education. A good education will likely require a relational support system that encourages and empowers that education. However, the most important need is spiritual. With these things in mind, Deed and Truth is in the preparation stages of a new ministry.

Deed and Truth is partnering with Hope in Christ Community Church in Compton, CA to start an after school Learning and Recreation Center on the church campus. Covid-19 has postponed its opening but we are still moving forward so it will be ready as soon as its safe to open.

The goal is to provide a place where caring people give neighborhood children help to do their homework and tutoring to learn new concepts. The church also has two quality basketball courts that can be utilized to offer after-school intramural sports.

The strategy was also to partner with a local church so that, through these relationships, they might also hear the gospel and meet Jesus. We want this to be an effective community outreach ministry for the church. 

This past week Deed and Truth delivered some necessary equipment for the Learning Center. Here is the preliminary list:

  • Seven handheld Tablets

  • Eight wide-screen Monitors

  • Six commercial grade tables

  • Twelve sturdy chairs

We want to give a shout out to a couple companies that provided some of these donations.  Thanks to Intel and Panera Bread. Thanks to Mike Morris and Ken McKay for helping us make those connections. We are also grateful to a church in Los Angeles for supplying the tablets. 

Please remember the Learning and Recreation ministry in your prayers. Here are some specific requests to pray for or supply:

  • Computers; new or lightly used

  • Locking storage cabinets

  • Paint & painting supplies

  • Outdoor Basketballs

  • Ongoing finances to fund the ministry

  • Children to be drawn to the ministry

  • Volunteers to work with the children

  • Families to be blessed

A Better tomorrow for the children of Compton


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